SAPA offers their support to save Sylvester the Lion
Author: South African Predator Association    Publication Date: 30 March 2016

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TO: The CEO: South African National Parks Board
The Managing Executive: Corporate services. – Me Wanda Mkutshulwa

Relocation of Karoo Lion and replacement with another lion

We are writing urgently to petition you regarding Sylvester the Wandering Lion of the Karoo. We understand your dilemma all too clearly. Nobody wants to prematurely end the life of such an animal. However, the potential threat to people and livestock is a very real concern.

We applaud SANParks decision to reconsider the decision to euthanize Sylvester. SAPA (South African Predator Association) would like to add their support to alternative actions. We have a number of accredited facilities where Sylvester can be relocated to. Our members are very experienced in the management, capture and translocation of lions and are willing to contribute in any way you deem helpful.

In addition, SAPA would also like to offer to replace Sylvester. One of our members has generously volunteered one of his very handsome male lions to replace Sylvester. This male is healthy, he is well-bred and strong and he adapts well. He will have no difficulty in adjusting to his new environment and is ready to contribute strong, healthy new genes to the breeding pool in the park. SAPA lions are DNA profiled lions as well as microchipped animals.

Lions, their environment and their fate are currently very much in the public’s eye –a concerned public’s mind. We all need to work together for the sake of the future of this marvellous animal. Public support is crucial to this campaign. Sylvester’s tendency to escape has presented a challenge, but also affords an opportunity for some solid public relations and garnering of support. We urge you, to give serious consideration to our offer. We make it out of genuine concern for lions in general and Sylvester in particular.

Kind Regards

Chief Executive Officer: South African Predator Association
Mrs Carla van der Vyver

Pr.Sci.Nat 400121/13

Cell: 083 756 0206



Sylvester the Lion - Photo: Gabrielle Venter/SANParks

Sylvester the Lion

Photo: Gabrielle Venter/SANParks

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