Lion Crisis - SAPA to the rescue!
Author: South African Predator Association    Publication Date: 13 July 2016

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 - SAPA arrives at Ingogo Safaris in Limpopo

SAPA arrives at Ingogo Safaris in Limpopo

 - Staff ready to offload 8 tons of food

Staff ready to offload 8 tons of food

 - Feeding the lions

Feeding the lions

 - Feeding the lions

Feeding the lions

When there is a crisis with lions in South Africa, there is a huge hue and cry with animal rights activists ostentatiously tearing their clothes and beating their chests, peppering social media platforms with dire threats against farmers and pointing futile fingers. During these calamities it seems that there is only one organization which eschews cheap talking and gets down to the unglamorous business of actually doing something, and that is the South African Predator Association.

While various moneygrubbing “non-profit organizations” were, to their abiding shame, slinking away to their non-participation crevices, SAPA was accessing the situation of the emaciated lions at a facility in Limpopo.  Members contributed lavishly to the effort and the first eight tons of food was delivered and given to the hungry cats.

The financial burden on the SAPA members was considerable. Generous farmers from Brits, notably Nicolaas du Toit, Cobus Steyn, and others, contributed to the meat bill which ran to more than R24,000. The transport costs of R13,200 were donated by Jan van Vuuren of Capture Africa.

SAPA did all of this without the callous wailing for money which inevitably accompanies any campaign run by animal rights activists. Every cent for every morsel of meat and every kilometre of transport was ungrudgingly contributed by SAPA and friends.

An adult lion consumes between 120 and 160 kilograms of meat per month. Feeding 250 lions will take some doing, but although this crisis was not precipitated by the actions of any SAPA member, the Association is up to the job. They do that without begging for money or strong-arming the public for contributions. That they leave to the people who’re not actually doing anything to alleviate the plight of the lions – animal activist groups who shout "blood lions" before checking their banking accounts. 

SAPA – always there for the lions.

News Update 20 July 2016

On the 19th of July, only 1 week after we made our first delivery, SAPA delivered another load of nearly 8 tons of food to Ingogo Safaris, in Limpopo.  We are happy to report that there's already a noticeable difference in the overall state of the lions. 

SAPA would like to thank Tommy van Vuuren for supplying the truck and Pat Loots for his total commitment to oversee and ultimately ensure the success of this project.

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News Update 14 August 2016

On the 4th of August, SAPA members delivered a third load of 8 tons of meat at Ingogo Safaris.

SAPA would like to thank Hansie Wapenaar and Jan Jacobs for their generous donation worth nearly R40 000.

More Good News!

Mabalingwe Game Reserve and Boschpoort Safaris donated a massive 2,5 tons of beef which will be delivered at Ingogo Safaris within the next two weeks. We would like to thank Hannes Wessels from Mabalingwe for his generous support.

Soon all the lions at Ingogo Safaris will be in prime condition, thanks to SAPA members and our Valued Sponsors.

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Hansie Wapenaar (l), Jan Jacobs(r) and their team

Thank you!

It is important to note that SAPA was the only organization willing to assist the malnourished lions at Ingogo Safaris. The total cost of the project so far exceeds R100 000 (US$ 7500). We would like to thank everyone involved for their hard work and continued support.

Some of our Valued Sponsors

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