Become a Member of the South African Predator Association

The South African Predator Association currently offers four categories of membership:

1. Voting members 

Breeders and keepers of large predators, and professional hunters directed towards the sustainable utilisation of predators in South Africa may be allowed as voting members of the Association.

2. Outfitters and Professional Hunters

Registered professional hunters and outfitters may be allowed as non-voting members with a reduced membership fee as determined annually by the Executive Committee.

3. Corporate members 

Institutions, corporations and businesses with a substantive (business) interest in the predator breeding and hunting industry may be allowed as corporate members.

4. Honorary members 

Persons with a special interest in or association with the predator breeding and hunting industry may be allowed as honorary members. Honorary membership may be bestowed for a fixed period or for life. Honorary members pay no membership fees and they don’t have voting rights.

Find our Application for Membership form below.

Documents to Download

# Name Description
1. Application for Membership Complete the Application for Membership form and email or fax it back to us with your proof of payment.
  Left click the document name to view the document or Right click the document name and Select Save Target as... to download the document to your computer.

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